Specialist cleaning and decontamination services.

Green Contract Services can provide teams of operatives to undertake specialist cleaning as well as decontamination, de-scaling and removal of contaminated equipment.

  • Workplace contamination can accumulate on any surfaces within the workplace and its fixtures and fittings. Some ‘dust traps’ may be obvious, while others are more hidden. Particular care should be taken when assessing projects involving items where hazardous deposits may become concentrated. Such items include fume cupboards or other dust/ fume extract systems (especially inside fans, ducts, filters and associated control measures), as well as pipes, vessels, distillers and other process systems.
  • Decontamination of laboratories and fume cupboard requires close consultation and co-operation between ourselves and the user to ascertain the activities undertaken in the areas and what chemical, biological and radiological hazards may remain.


De-scaling of vessel interiors, cleaning of industrial plant and equipment can be undertaken, the method of cleaning can range from manual removal by brushes and shovels to specialised de-scaling techniques to remove contaminations involving the use of full breathing apparatus and confined space entry regimes.

Preparation and Compliance with Hazardous Waste Regulations

Whether the work involves simple cleaning or more specialised equipment and techniques the same high level degree of preparation is required to determine the contamination present, assess the risks and ensure that all waste produced or removed is segregated and is disposed of from “Cradle to Grave” and a full auditable trail is available for compliance with the latest Hazardous Waste Regulations