Thermal Insulation

Keep heat in, keep heat out or to protect people.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation has to provide many functions ranging from preventing heat loss, heat gain and providing personnel protection, whatever the requirement the correct choice for the application is paramount.

Green Contract Services can advise on the correct selection of the most appropriate insulation requirement and advise on thicknesses to meet your requirements.

Insulation Benefits

Insulation has many benefits which are complementary to each other:-

  • Reducing heat loss, therefore fuel and running costs are lower.
  • Ensuring the temperature of fluids in pipes can be maintained nearer the correct operating temperature regardless of external conditions
  • A lowering of surface temperature results in the plant becoming safer for its operatives
  • Condensation will be prevented on low temperature surfaces
  • Well designed insulation may add to an increase level of fire safety
  • A reduction in sound transmission may help solve acoustic problems

Comprehensive Cladding and Fabrication Services

Green Contract Services have a fully equipped metal fabrication facility for the production of all the cladding requirements and have the capability to fabricate in a wide range of materials galvanised steel, aluzinc, plastisol, aluminium and stainless steel. Many items are bespoke produced to suit the local requirements and obstructions and are managed by the fabrication shop manager to ensure prompt fabrication and delivery to site.

Green Contract Services also manufacture removable insulation covers to fit valves, flanges, pumps and equipment, thus enabling the quick removal and replacement by maintenance personnel.