Industrial Cleaning

Green Contract Services undertakes a wide variety and scale of industrial cleaning practices from small scale spillages or leaks through to complete plant, building or site cleaning.

The level of cleaning can range from operatives hand cleaning an area up to the use of Bobcats, Fork Lift Trucks and skips to clear large scale areas.

Waste cleaned can range from general non hazardous waste through to all types of hazardous waste requiring high level control measures (see Specialist Decontamination).

Boiler/ Plant Room Cleaning

We clean Boiler and Plant Rooms for Clients on a one off or a schedule basis.

In addition to the cleaning the company produce a report on equipment condition and heat loss.

Gutter Cleaning

In addition the company can clean gutters and downspouts on a one off or a schedule basis as well as repairing damaged or leaking sections to a standard that will give you up to a 25 year guarantee.